• Workhorse Chassis


As the first custom delivered chassis for RVs, the Workhorse chassis is a specialized breed, which allowed RV owners to have a more powerful drive. Prior to this chassis, most manufacturers simply focused on commercial chassis’; with this new piece, RV owners can experience a more powerful ride, better precision, and better on road control.

For owners of an RV with a Workhorse chassis, our repair team at Newport Boat/ RV Services is here to perform any repair job you need done. Whether it is to repair a rusty frame, or performing repair to a damage, hole, or other problem with that frame, our team is highly specialized in working on these parts. In addition to having the experience to perform repair on the chassis, we can also provide repair services on other parts below your RV, as required, or provide you with a quote for the services that should be completed for all around better performance.

Due to the fact that your Workhorse chassis is a custom piece for your RV, it is important to properly take care of, maintain, and perform repair work as required to keep it operating and to ensure an ensure ride each time you take the RV out on the road. Our team is here to perform those services. We guarantee timely services, specialized hands working on the chassis, and of course we are going to provide you with a reasonable price quote, for the repair and all the services that have to be completed when you bring the RV in to our shop.

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