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Volvo Penta

Since 1907, the Volvo Penta marine engine series has been a leader in power, precision, and smooth sailing. Today, the company has over 4,000 dealers in over 130 countries, producing powerful engines. Introducing a number of new engine types and technologies to the marine engine market, Volvo Penta is a leader in innovation and quality parts. Regardless of the type of boat you own or the engine you have in it, if you have a Volvo Penta engine, we can service it for you.

Over time, an engine may become weaker or may require regular maintenance work over the years. If you ever have to replace a part of the marine engine, or simply need work done for a regular tune up, at Premier Boat & RV Services, we can perform it. Not only does our team of specialized techs have the experience to work on these engines, they can also perform regular testing, to ensure your engine is working to the highest capabilities. If you need maintenance work done, we are here to perform it. If you need to replace parts, or need a tune up, we have techs on site who can do the job. Or, if you need a rehaul of an older engine, we also have the specialized techs on site to handle the job.

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