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With over four decades of service, Tiffin is a family owned RV manufacturer. The finest luxurious features, the high quality interior design, and a number of options to choose from in terms of cabin and exterior design, are some things you will appreciate. With more road trips, and with more driving, your RV is eventually going to need a tune up, repair work, and body work. For this reason, owners of a Tiffin RV must visit a trusted repair shop. At Premier Boat & RV Services, we can perform any and all repair work your RV needs. In addition to having a highly qualified team on site, we only use the latest equipment to do the repair work. And, we only use the best technologies for repair, meaning we can perform the work in less time, and to the highest levels of precision for our customer base.

We guarantee all services we perform to your Tiffin RV. If you need work done to the exterior, we can perform it. If there is damage to the body, we have a body repair team to do the work. For problems with the engine, or the internal configurations, we also have the best equipment to diagnose these issues. When you need routine work, and maintenance work, we also have techs on site to perform these services, as needed. It does not matter what damage you are dealing with, or what type of routine work has to be completed, our company is here to perform all of these services, and we guarantee your satisfaction for all work we perform on your RV.

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