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Since 1980, Thor has been producing midsized RV vehicles for outdoor use and enjoyment. With several lines, a variety of size options and the finest interior configurations, all those who enjoy the outdoors will find an RV in this line. Not only are there several RVs for small families, you can also find larger RVs if you want to take a trip with friends and family. With powerful engines, the best quality design and with great pricing, you are bound to find something suitable for every use and outdoor recreational enjoyment.

With your Thor RV, you are putting the engine under plenty of stress; since you are traveling so much and putting so many miles on it, you will eventually have to perform maintenance work and tune ups. When you do, our team at Premier Boat & RV Services is here to complete these service needs. We not only perform repairs for the engine and internal mechanisms, we can also provide body work if the exterior of your RV is damaged. And, with the best equipment on site, we can guarantee the services are going to be done right when you come in. We also have techs on site that specialize in the Thor engine. So, regardless of the type of problems you are dealing with, we have people on site to fix them. And, we carry replacement parts for your Thor RV on site; this means we can get it back to you in less time and with the right parts installed, so you can get out on the road again.

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