• Suzuki-engines


Since 1909, the Suzuki company has been producing a series of engines and parts for a number of vehicles. In addition to power engines for marine vessels, consumers can also purchase motorcycles, ATV, off road vehicles, and the most powerful engines, for any sport. For those who own a marine vessel with a Suzuki engine, you likely know it is powerful and can perform under the toughest conditions. Whether it is a power boat, a racing boat, or any other powerful speed vessel, the engines are built for speed.

Due to the fact that you are racing at top speeds, and taking on challenging water ways, your Suzuki engine is going to be put under a lot of stress. When you need work done, whether it be repair, a routine check up or maintenance, you can rely on our team at Premier Boat & RV Services. In addition to having the best equipment to test the engines, we also have the latest equipment and technologies to render repair services. No matter what you need done, or what type of engine you have, our trained techs have the experience in working on marine engines; and are trained to work on Suzuki parts.

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