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With over 40 years of producing high quality boats, the Regal line is a family owned business. With several rewards for craftsmanship, service and the highest quality vessels on the sea, customers can trust this name when shopping for a new boat. And, with new lines being introduced on a regular basis and a series of Regal boats to choose from, all boaters are bound to find something that appeals to them and an affordable price point when they choose a boat from this manufacturer. With several styles, different Regal boats may require different types of repair services. For recreational boats, customers might simply need work done on the body, due to salt damage and wear over time. For those who own a newer, faster powered Regal sports boat, more engine work, or internal work might be required on a regular basis in order to maintain your boat. It doesn’t matter which boat you own in the family or what type of repair work you need to have done, at Premier Boat & RV Services, we can complete these repairs for you. Not only for an affordable price, but also in a timely fashion. We guarantee the work we perform for our customers.

Here are just a few of the models we service:

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