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Since 1925, Nautique boats have been in production by Correct Craft manufacturering. From sailboats to race boats, powerboats and more, the focal switch to power boats, produced the Nautique line of boats. Superior quality, durable motors, powerful speeds and boats that were built to last, were some of the intentions behind the manufacturer’s introduction of this line. With salt and fresh water boats, customers are going to have an extensive range of products to choose from when shopping for a new Nautique boat. Due to the quality craftsmanship of these vessels, you are not going to experience many problems with these boats; but, like other motor based vehicles you own, repair services might be required on a regular basis. For this reason, customers have to choose a trusted repair shop to perform that repair work. When you choose us at Premier Boat & RV Services, you can be rest assured the work is going to be done right. We not only guarantee quality repair work, we are also going to do it in less time than our competitors.

Here are just a few of the models we service:

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