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With boats built for wakeboarding and water skiing competition, your MOOMBA boat is going to outperform the competitors. Not only are they built for faster speeds, these boats are also built with more powerful engines and the most durable exterior body to ensure they are going to be able to handle the salt water and higher speeds for a longer period of time. Simple design, extraordinary performance and high speeds are some of the great qualities of your MOOMBA boat, which owners are sure to appreciate. When it comes to faster speeds and more exhaustive use, more repair services might be required for your MOOMBA boat. As an owner of one of these vessels, you have to go in to a trusted repair shop. When you choose us at Premier Boat & RV Services, this is exactly what you are going to get. Not only do we specialize in repair work for high end speed boats, we also have a highly specialized team of techs on site, to render any repair work that has to be completed.

Here are just a few of the models we service:

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