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Since 1939, Mercury motors have been produced for a variety of vessels on the sea. With motors which can attain power of up to 75 HP, you are not only going to experience the fastest speeds on the water ways, you are also going to enjoy a smooth ride. With a series of motors to choose from, you can find a Mercury motor which is specifically designed for the type of boat you own, there is a motor in the series which can get you there.

Due to the fact that you are putting so much pressure on these motors and are putting them through the extremes you are going to find that your Mercury motors will eventually require some type of repair work or regular maintenance work. At Premier Boat & RV Services, we are here for that repair or maintenance work. Since we have licensed techs on site, and specialty workers, you can feel confident in coming into our shops, and having us perform the required work on the motor. Not only are we licensed, and have the best techs on site, we also use the latest equipment and test methods for the work we will do on your motor; in turn, the work is going to be done right when you come in.

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