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With a long line of motors, power boats, engines, and marine based parts, Honda is a trusted name by millions. Not only for their marine engines, but for their manufacturing of parts and engines for other recreational vehicles. No matter what engine you own, or what type of performance you expect, with Honda, you are going to get exceptional power. And, you know these engines are developed by the leaders in the industry, meaning they are built to last for years to come.

It does not matter what type of Honda vessel or recreational vehicle you own, at Premier Boat & RV Services, we can handle the repair work. Whether you are dealing with loss of power, if you are not able to start the engine or if you are coming in for a routine tune up, we can get the job done. Our techs on site are highly trained to work on your Honda motor and can perform simple testing to determine what problems your engine is having. From there, we can help you choose the best methods for repair, and perform repair services in less time for you.

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