• Freightliner Chassis


Your Freightliner Chassis is custom fit to fit your RV. Whether it is for recreational use, pickup and delivery services, or any other outdoor excursions, these chassis are custom made to ensure powerful performance and to ensure they can withstand the intended use when installed on to your RV frame. Further, the high quality parts are built to last, and withstand exhaustive use, off road, and for the adventures you plan on taking on your RV, with family and with friends.

Due to the fact that the Freightliner Chassis, and your RV, are going to go through various terrains and will see rust damage along the way, our team at Premier Boat & RV Services, is here to provide the necessary service work as needed. If rust damage is a problem, we have the equipment and best supplies to clean and repair the rust. If a dent, ding, or other more serious damage ensues, we also have the supplies and equipment on site, to perform the required services, and get your RV back on the road as soon as possible.

Regardless of the damage, use, or abuse, the chassis has seen, our crew is highly experienced and loves performing the best possible services for our customers. We have experienced personnel on site, who have worked on custom fit chassis’ in the past, and we can perform all the services required to your RV. Major or minor damage, and big or small RVs, we can render all the necessary services, when you choose our shop to perform the damage repair and maintenance services for you.

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