• Ford Chassis


A Ford Chassis can be custom fit to your motor home, from a base ranging from 158 to 252”, depending on the class and size of the motor home. As the chassis is going to see dirt, water, oil, and several other elements on and off road, it is important to service it regularly, to ensure it does not rust. Regardless of the type of damage or maintenance work you need to have performed on your motor home, our professional team at Premier Boat & RV Services, is here to provide that specialized care, and necessary service, when you bring it in to our shop.

Due to the fact that the Ford Chassis is custom fit to your motor home, we have the professional team on site, to work on any sized RV, and perform the required services. If rust has to be cleaned and scraped, if the chassis requires repair to a dent, or if any other major damage is present, we will give you information about the type of work that has to be performed and what we can do to fix it. Our team strives to perform excellent service, and we strive to provide you with a reasonable price for the work we are going to do. Come in to our shop today to find out what repair services have to be rendered to the chassis frame and receive a quote for the required services.

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