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For those who own a Fleetwood RV, you have a trusted vehicle on the road, and a manufacturer that has been around since 1950, backing up that performance. With powerful engines, several vehicles and different size options, you can find a custom RV for any trip. If you love to travel with friends and family, an RV is a vehicle you are going to use often. And, with the many trips you take, you are going to need repair and maintenance work done on a regular basis. When you are ready to bring your Fleetwood RV in for service, our crew at Premier Boat & RV Services is here to complete the task. No matter what service needs you have or what type of repair work you need us to do, we have a team on site to perform that work. With specialty techs on site, we can perform mechanical repairs as well as body work as needed to your Fleetwood RV.

If you need body work done, or if there is damage to the exterior, we have a crew on site to fix these problems. If you need work done on the engine, or any internal configurations of the RV, we also have qualified techs on our team who can do these jobs. Not only can we do the work in less time, we also guarantee all services you bring your RV in for.

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