• Cummins Engines


Whether your Cummins Chassis is fit for a diesel or gas engine RV, we have the equipment to perform the work at our Premier Boat & RV Services shop. We have professional grade equipment to work on the chassis, to determine whatever problems you are experiencing, and to get you back out on the road to enjoy more adventures, in less time. With the latest equipment on site, our techs will not only diagnose the issues in less time, but will also be able to fix the problems sooner so you can get out on the road.

If the chassis needs repair work, if there is rust damage, or if there is a hole or dent, we can repair any of these issues on your RV. If there is major damage, which we determine can’t be repaired, we can get a new custom fit Cummins Chassis in to the shop, and perform the installation work for you. No matter how major or minor the repair work seems to be, we can diagnose all issues when you visit our shop, and determine the best route for repair, to allow you to get out of the shop in less time, and also so you can pay the lowest price for the repair work we perform. We take pride in the work we do, and guarantee our customers will be happy with the repair services we render, when they visit our shop for all RV repair service needs.

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