• Coachmen-motorhomes


For families that love the outdoors, and love adventure, you can trust Coachmen, a brand that has been around for over 50 years. Not only does the company produce a number of motor homes, they also produce luxury RV designs for your outdoor enjoyment. With several models, and with big and small motor homes, you are going to find one that is best suited for your travel needs. Whether you are planning a camping trip out for a few days, or a long summer road trip, these RVs are going to get you through the trip.

When you travel often, your Coachmen RV is going to require routine maintenance work, as well as repair work. At Premier Boat & RV Services, we can provide those services. Not only do we have a team on site that can render body work if your RV is damaged, we also have the latest equipment to perform mechanic work as well. Our techs are trained to work on Coachmen and other top name brand RVs. This means you can trust us to do any repair work, and to do it right when you come to our shop.

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