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Since 1972, the Centurion team has been producing high quality vessels. From drag racing boats to newer, slimmer vessels which are built to attain the highest speeds, thrill seekers and speed seekers alike are sure to love a Centurion boat. Made with the highest quality materials, the most durable and powerful engines and built with the toughest propellers owners are going to enjoy the quickest speeds and smoothest ride in these boats. Introducing new technologies, like underwater steering technologies and S spray rails to eliminate the amount of spray coming from the boats, Centurion has always been an innovative boating company, producing the latest and greatest speed boats for competitors. With the highest quality materials, the toughest engines and newest technologies on board, Centurion boat owners can experience the best and smoothest experience on the water; no matter how fast they are traveling. But, with these new technologies and new methods of development, there are also problems that come along with this. For this reason, owners of Centurion boats have to find a trusted repair shop, when they do have problems with their boat. At Premier Boat & RV Services, we are that trusted repair shop to visit.

Here are just a few of the models we service:

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