• Caterpillar Engines


At Premier Boat & RV Services, we have the latest equipment on site, and the most knowledgeable techs to perform the necessary services to your Caterpillar Engines. If your RV runs on one of their engines, you can expect power, precision, and a smoother ride, whether you are taking on or off road adventures in your RV. But, like any car or other motor vehicle you own, the engine will sometimes require repair and maintenance work to be performed. When this work has to be done, visit our shop to ensure the best specialty techs are working on the engine for you. Not only will this result in the best performance and diagnostics of the problems, but we will also let you know what issues we find, prior to performing the work on the engine.

We will run all necessary tests, to find out what problems you are having and why your engine is not responding as it should. Further, we will provide you with a full report, to let you know what issues have to be taken care of to get you back on the road in less time. Prior to doing any work, we will check with customers to ensure they are prepared for the repairs needed and price for that work. We have professional techs on site, the latest equipment, and the highest service guarantees in the industry. When your RV needs work done immediately and the engine is not performing as it should, visit our shop to learn what the problem is and to have it repaired in less time.

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